Therapeutic Comfort

for Indoor Warmth and Minor Hand Ailments

Combine Turtle Gloves®


Instant Reusable Hand Warmer 

For Soothing Therapeutic Heat :

1.  Activate Heat Wave
2.  Insert between the layers of Turtle Gloves - Reversible Fingerless 
3.  Wear and Enjoy Soothing Heat

4.  Recharge Pack in Boiling Water

HEAT WAVE INSTANT HAND WARMER           $10.99  each

Made in the U.S.A.

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Therapy Solutions by TURTLE GLOVES​ ®

Cozy Comfort Indoors and Out  

Cozy-Up with Turtle Gloves® and Heat Wave® Instant Hand Warmer

"When your hands are cold, you just feel cold"

Turtle Gloves Reversible Fingerless Gloves offer comfort and warmth indoors in cold areas and when the thermostat is set down to save on heating bills.

Enjoy the comfort of Turtle Gloves for temporary relief from cold hands and various hand ailments.  Patients with limited mobility and some injuries may be surprised at the benefit of warmth and convenience gained from wearing Turtle Gloves.

Unlike most normal gloves, Turtle Gloves fit over a brace or cast.

Turtle Gloves

Turtle Gloves